Allie Glick

Mrs. Wienckowski



    There are many different types of alternative energy sources out in the world, but these sources are not being used very often. Right now many people and companies are using fossil fuels that are very harmful towards the environment and that are causing pollution problems in the world. Two examples of alternative sources of energy are solar power and wind power energy. Solar power energy is up and coming, and many people are starting to use solar panels more and more as time goes on (Pros & Cons of Solar Energy). This is a very good thing because this kind of energy gives off no pollutions. Another great pro of the solar power energy is the price. It may be up there in price when they are installing the product, but once the solar power panel is installed it will provide you with a free source of energy (Pros & Cons of Solar Energy). You will save more money with the use of the solar panels, rather than if you paid each month to use fossil fuels to power your electric devices, gas, and lights (Pros & Cons of Solar Energy).  

    Another alternative source of energy is Wind Powered energy. Like solar powered energy, wind energy also does not produce and spread pollutants and toxins into the air (Wind Energy Pros and Cons). Wind energy has a huge factor working in its favor; it is completely renewable because we cannot run out of wind (Wind Energy Pros and Cons). With the name “ wind energy” the reader can obviously tell that it is produced from the wind in nature, which makes this alternative source of energy completely green, and environment friendly (Wind Energy Pros and Cons).  Wind is produced all around the world, and because wind energy is becoming so popular, people are realizing how easy it is to harness the energy and use it to their advantage (Wind Energy Pros and Cons).

    Even though both of these alternative sources of energy have many factors that work in their favor, and both have outstanding reasons for switching from fossil fuels to alternative sources, they too have some negative affects on their side. Wind energy may be easy to harness, but there are many problems that come along with it. Wind turbines are the main problem, as they are a threat to birds that may accidently fly into their blades that are turning round and round to capture the wind and convert it to energy (Wind Energy Pros and Cons). Not only are they a threat to some wildlife, they also have been reported to have loud noises that bother many people that live in a close radius to the site of the wind turbine (Wind Energy Pros and Cons). Like Wind energy, Solar power energy also has some negative effects. A major problem is weather. weather can affect the solar panels that are installed on the top of a house. Also along with that air pollution can affect the way that solar energy captures and converts their collected sources into energy (Pros & Cons of Solar Energy). Lastly solar, panels are not always the most efficient way to collect green no pollutant sources of energy; because they can only collect and generate energy during the day. They need the sun and the energy that the sun produces to generate the energy we use today (Pros & Cons of Solar Energy). 



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